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10th release of the POLLUX database available now

The 10th release of the POLLUX database of high resolution stellar synthetic spectra is now publicly available on this webpage. It provides nearly 29 000 spectra in the optical, the ultraviolet and the infrared domains for stars of spectral types between M and O, for a large variety of metallicites and chemical compositions. The data distributed in the POLLUX database are based on both 1-D (MARCS, ATLAS12, CMFGEN, PHOENIX) and 3-D (STAGGER) state-of-the-art radiative transfer codes.

In the present release, the entire AMBRE (de Laverny et al. 2012) collection is made available. New CMFGEN spectra for massive stars at Z = 1/5 Zsun and Z = 1/30 Zsun (Martins & Palacios 2020) are also accessible, along with the associated SEDs. For the first time, and in memoriam Dr. France Allard, who passed away during Summer 2020, a collection of PHOENIX BT-Dusty high resolution spectra at solar metallicity is also available.

A problem was detected in the ATLAS12 collection, for which the absolute fluxes where overestimated. In order to prevent any misusage, we have temporarily removed this collection from the POLLUX database. It is under revision and should be available again in the next release.

The User's guide has also been fully revised and includes clearer presentation of the data and sources of the data in the database. Please go have a look at it!