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Observational ressources (for high resolution stellar spectra) :

Observatoire de Haute Provence (CNRS, France) :
SOPHIE instrument : 
The ELODIE archive (OHP, CNRS, France) : 
Pic du Midi/Télescope Bernard Lyot (CNRS, France) : 
NARVAL instrument : 
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope CFHT M 
ESPaDOnS instrument : 
The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CFHT archive) : 
European Southern Observatory ESO : 
FEROS instrument :
HARPS instrument : 
CES instrument : 
UVES instrument : 
FLAMES instrument : 
CRIRES instrument : 
The ESO/ST-ECF Science Archive Facility : 
GIRAFFE Archive :

Theoretical ressources (for stellar spectra and SED) :

The stellar atmosphere MARCS Models : 
The CMFGEN radiative transfer code : 
The TLUSTY homepage (O star and B star grids) : 
The SYNSPEC homepage : 
B. Kurucz’s Homepage (ATLAS model atmosphere) : 
F. Castelli’homepage (Grids of ATLAS9 model atmospheres and ATLAS9 fluxes) 
VALD The Vienna Atomic Line Database:

Database of stellar spectra :

Elodie the stellar library : 
Tgmet Library : 
BESS Database of Be Stars spectra : 
The UVES Paranal Observatory Project : 
The interactive database of digital spectral atlases of bright stars SpectroWeb : 
SVO-LAEFF Theoretical Data Server :
UVBLUE a high resolution theoretical library of stellar spectra : 
The GAIA spectral libraries :
The RVS/GAIA spectral library : 
The extensive library of 2500-10500 A synthetic spectra :
A set of resources on stellar spectra libraries :

Virtual Observatory (VO):

Action Spécifique VO France (CNRS) : 
International VO alliance IVOA :

Partners :

Programme National de Physique Stellaire PNPS (INSU-CNRS) :
Programme National Galaxies PNG (INSU-CNRS) : 
Programme National Physique-Chimie du Milieu Interstellaire PCMI (INSU-CNRS) :